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Purchasing a "new" home can be a burdensome task. A home inspection can offer clarity and understanding, at a time when you may have doubts.

Through the inspection process, you will be able to obtain specific information concerning the various aspects of the home. A detailed, easy to read report will be provided at the completion of the inspection.

When an inspector finds a defective furnace, unsafe wiring or plumbing, the result may be a reduced price to the homebuyer and a savings of the repair costs.

Presenting an inspection report to the mortgage officer at your financial institution provides independently substantiated proof that the property is, indeed a good investment.

An inspection report presented to your insurance agent can facilitate the proper coverage.

Gain a proper perspective of the maintenance and type of repairs that may be necessary.

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Our Mission Statement

Security Inspection Services will not profit in any manner from the sale of the home. Nor will we use the inspection process to obtain repair or other related work. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased, third party expert opinion of the Mechanical, Electrical and Structural aspects of your prospective "new" home. We adhere to the code of ethics and standard of practice of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI)


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Housing Inspection Foundation

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