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Well You've Finally found the home of your dreams

You've poked around the cubby holes and crevices. Opened a few windows, maybe examined the basement and attic. Things seem to be in order, or do they?

When you poked around those crevices, did you honestly know what you were looking at? Occasionally, doors and windows will stick, often due to moisture, but at times, this can serve as a warning of other things, such as uneven settlement in the foundation or a faulty structural member. Can you afford to "second guess" these problems?

When making a financial commitment, your best judgment is to rely on the analysis of professionals. When considering a home purchase, Security Inspection Services can afford you that expert opinion. Security utilizes the "Building Analysis Report" a nationally recognized, detailed written report, completed and delivered on-site. The "B.A.R." will itemize the key components/systems of your home and be presented to you upon completion of the inspection process. Likewise, you will be invited to accompany the inspector to point out possible areas of distress and receive reasonable solutions, while permitting you an occasion to questions any concerns you may have.

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Our Mission Statement

Security Inspection Services will not profit in any manner from the sale of the home. Nor will we use the inspection process to obtain repair or other related work. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased, third party expert opinion of the Mechanical, Electrical and Structural aspects of your prospective "new" home. We adhere to the code of ethics and standard of practice of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI)


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Housing Inspection Foundation

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